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Spoken English

  English Speaking Course: Introduction

It is clearly known to everyone that survival without speaking English in professional career is not easy task to do. although you may go with your native language but on the career front English is required everywhere.

  Course details:

English speaking classes emphasis on maximum practice with Experienced trainer and you will be given an instant feedback, group discussion, debating, personality development, building word power, audio listening, picture description, stress and pronunciation are some important parts of our classes. But there's a lot more that you'll get while your classes.

  Eligibility for the course:

No special degree or education is required for this course basic knowledge of reading and listening are suggested. We will provide classes on beginning, intermediate and advanced level. Students, professionals and housewives can also enroll in this course to move with the passage of time.

  Facilities at our training center:

We provide the best of English speaking techniques, PDFs, study materials, books, practice rooms, online tutorials and an authentic certificate will be given at the end of your classes after ensuring that you got good skills, because your future is our main objective. Come and join for the best, you are only few steps away

  •   General Sentences of daily use
  •   Elementary Grammar - Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Conjunction, Interjection, preposition.
  •   Tenses
  •   Tense based exercises.
  •   English fluency development games
  •   Specific vocabulary enrichment