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Payroll Executive



  •   Payroll Accounting and Compliance in Tally ERP9
  •   Creating Payroll Masters
  •   Processing Payroll in Tally ERP9
  •   Accounting for Employer PF and ESI Contributions
  •   Accounting for Income Tax
  •   Payment of Professional Tax
  •   Generating Payroll Reports
  •   Student is expected to have sound knowledge of Accounting and Inventory in Tally.ERP 9

Good to know

  •   Multilingual Capabilities
  •   Backup and Restore
  •   Tally.NET and Remote Capabilities
  •   Managing Accounts using Control Centre
  •   Online Help and Support

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will

  •   Have an overview of basic concepts of Excise for Dealers and Manufacturers
  •   Be able to create Masters and recording Transactions for Excise
  •   Be able to generate Excise Reports as per the prescribed formats
  •   Conveniently file for E-Return

Configuring Payroll

  •   Salient Features of Tally ERP9’s Payroll
  •   Enabling Payroll in Tally ERP9

Creating Payroll Masters

  •   Employee Setup
  •   Payroll Masters
  •   Attendance / Production Types
  •   Pay Heads
  •   Gratuity
  •   Salary Details Setup

Processing payroll in Tally.Erp9

  •   Attendance Vouchers
  •   Payroll Vouchers
  •   Payment of Salaries (Salary Disbursement)

Accounting for Employer PF contribution

  •   Creating Employer PF Contribution Masters
  •   Salary Details Setup
  •   Processing Employer PF Contribution
  •   Processing PF Admin Expenses
  •   Payment of Provident Fund

Accounting for EmployerESI contribution

  •   Creating Employer ESI Contribution Masters
  •   Salary Details Setup
  •   Processing Employer ESI Contribution
  •   Payment of ESI

Payment of Professional Tax

  •   Processing Professional Tax Payment

Generating Payroll Reports

  •   Payroll Reports
  •   Expat Reports
  •   Payroll Statutory Reports