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COURSE OVERVIEW (MS Word, MS Excel & MS Power point)


The goal of this course is to present overview of IT tools used in day today use of computers and data base operations. The Course has been designed to provide knowledge on various hardware and software components of computer, operating system, various packages used for different applications, data base concepts & operations and various issues related to IT and applications of IT.

  MS Excel

Spreadsheet Concepts, Creating, Saving and Editing a Workbook, Inserting Deleting Work Sheets, entering data in a cell / formula Copying and Moving from selected cells, handling operators in Formulae, Functions: Mathematical Logical, statistical, text, financial Date and Time functions, Using Function Wizard. Formatting a Worksheet: Formatting Cells – changing data alignment changing date number, character or currency format, changing font, adding borders and colors, Printing worksheets, Charts and Graphs – Creating Previewing, Modifying Charts. Integrating word processor, spread sheets web pages.

  MS Power Point

Creating, Opening and Saving Presentations, Creating the Look of Your Presentation, Working in Different Views, Working with Slides Adding and Formatting Text, Formatting Paragraphs, Checking Spelling and Correcting Typing Mistakes, Making Notes Pages and Handouts, Drawing and Working with Objects, Adding Clip Art and other pictures Designing Slide Shows Running and Controlling a Slide Show, Printing Presentations.

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