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Accounts Professional


Tally ERP9 provides a comprehensive solution to the accounting and inventory needs of a business. The package comprises GST(Goods and Services Tax), financial accounting, Book-keeping and inventory accounting. Tally is popularly known as an accounting software for small and medium businesses. It does all the functions of accounting that a particularly mid-sized business has.

Module – 1 MS Office Professional

  •   Registration Certificate of Establishment.

Module – 2 Financial Accounting

  •   Accounting Fundamentals
  •   Voucher Preparation, Daybook Writing, Cash book Preparation, Ledger writing, Journal Register, Stock Register update Purchase Register Preparation, Sales Register Preparation, Invoice Preparation, Purchase order and Sales Order preparation, Quotation preparation, fixed Asset register Preparation, Trading and Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet preparation, Rectification Entries, Depreciation Entries, Bank reconciliation Cheque Preparation and Deposit slips, Balance Sheet Review.

Module - 3 Practical Accounts

  •   Creation of Master, Accounting Vouchers, Inventory Vouchers, Stock Journal, Transactions with Vouchers, Advanced Features,Configuration, Remote Access, Synchronization, Invoice Formation Online Database Connectivity (ODBC), Various Analytical Reports etc.

Module – 4 Tally Taxations

  •   Direct Tax: TDS, TCS, Form - 16A, Challans, Return Forms etc.
  •   Indirect Tax: GST Challans, Return Forms etc.

Module – 5 Tally Payroll

  •   Generation of Employee Database, Salary Structure & Calculation Attendance & Leave Details, Salary Slip Generation, PF, ESI, Gratuity Bonus, Professional Tax, Various Analytical Reports etc.

Module – 6 Basics of GST

  •   Principles
  •   Important Definitions
  •   Why GST is Necessary?
  •   Impact of GST.
  •   Benefits/ Demerits.
  •   Different Rates of GST.

Module – 7 GST Migration and Registration under GST law with Rules & Formats

  •   Registration Structure under GST.
  •   Persons required to be registered.
  •   Process of Registration.
  •   Amendment in Registration.
  •   Cancellation of Registration.
  •   Forms for GST Registration
  •   GST REG-01- Application.
  •   GST REG-02- Acknowledgement.
  •   GST REG-06- Certificate.
  •   REG-01 to REG-29

Module – 8 Returns under GSTSection (37-48) with GST Rules and Formats

  •   Definition & Important Notes to Return.
  •   Types of Returns. (Annual Return, First Return, Regular Return)
  •   Notice to Return Defaulters.
  •   Levy of Late Fee.
  •   Goods and Services Tax Practitioners.
  •   Various Return Form
  •   GSTR-I, II,III

Module - 9 Refund Section 54-58 with GST Rules

  •   Refund of Tax (Section-54)
  •   Refund in Certain Cases (Section-55)
  •   Interest on Delayed Refunds (Section-56)
  •   Consumer Welfare Fund (Section-57)
  •   Utilization of Fund (section-58)

Module – 10 Electronics & GST in Commerce

  •   Definitions
  •   Collect of Tax at Source - E Commerce

Module – 11 Job work and compensation levy

  •   Special Provision for Job Worker
  •   Composition Levy Section 10
  •   Quarterly Return for Compounding Taxable Person GSTR-4

Module – 12 Other Topics

  •   Payment of Tax, Interest, Penalty and other charges Section 49
  •   Interest on delayed payment of tax Section 50
  •   Tax Deduction at source Section 51
  •   Tax Invoices Section 31
  •   Time and Value of Supply Section (12-15) Chapter IV
  •   Transitional Provisions Section (139-142) Chapter XX

Module – 13 Spoken English &Personality Development

  •   Grammar, Vocabulary Building, Pronunciation, Communication, Listening & Comprehension, Real Life Scenarios, BBC News Stories, Interview Skills Special Classes on PDP (Body Language) etc.